After many years spent in US, England and around Europe teaching languages and working as translator, I decided it was about time to come back to this part of the world I call Home. For many years I have been organizing Language Study Holidays and Cultural Trips to Tuscany.


Passionate about the Italian language, this region and its people, I love creating unique experiences to get closer to the language without having to attend a traditional school. I believe in a new way of Learning Italian and Discovering Tuscany through emotions and hands-on experiences. I call it Experiential Learning & Traveling.

I want to teach you how to fall in Love with learning a new language!

During the years, I realized that my dream of keeping in touch with my students all over the world  could be realised by teaching Italian via an online platform. That’s why I LOVE our on-line Italian courses. E-learning I think it is just the perfect way to make time for ourselves.

Language Learning is my Therapy.

It completely occupies our minds letting us unplug from “ all the rest”. We may find difficult to plan a few days away, but surely we can manage 1 hour a week for ourselves, to take our mind somewhere we love. Choose your teacher and look forward to your weekly “appuntamento”.

I hope to be that special teacher you choose!