Word of the Week today is GAMBA:  la gamba – (leg), le gambe ( legs) 

In Italian we say “ESSERE IN GAMBA” for being clever, intelligent, capable, skilled, strong. It comes from “CAMMINARE SULLE PROPRIE GAMBE”, walking without help, being able to handle any situation.

The expression is also used  for “being healthy and in good shape”, being fit.   So…Allora, I wish you all to be IN GAMBA or even more…IN GAMBISSIMA!!!! ( Super in gamba) 

More expressions with Gamba:

Mandare tutto a gambe all’aria : head over heels; to go belly up

Darsela a gambe: to take to one’a heels

Prendere qualcosa sotto gamba: Underestimate something; not to take seriously

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