10 Good Reasons to love the Italian Language

  1. People perceive Italian as “beautiful, fun and sexy.” “ Serious studies” from “serious universities” say that! And I can’t see anything wrong with that.
  2. Italian film director Federico Fellini once said, “A different language is a different vision of life.” It is exactly what I have chosen for my motto: “Chi parla più lingue ,vive più vite”. Speaking the language will give you a greater understanding of the country and its culture and is a great way to meet new people. Being able to communicate with local people while you are in Italy can open you up to friendships you’d have missed out on previously.
  3. A Romantic Language.: All the Romance languages evolved from the volgare (vernacular) of ancient Rome. Yet none may have so many seductive ways of expressing amore, from “Ti amo, mio tesoro” (I love you, my darling) for l’amore della tua vita (the love of your life) to the sophisticated nuances between “Ti voglio bene” e “ Ti amo”. A really delicate path worth understanding , especially, if you happen to fall in love ( innamorarvi) of an Italian!
  4. Everything sounds better in Italian. An ordinary towel becomes an asciugamano; a small house  a casetta; a small cookie, a biscottino. And verbs sound smooth and expressive like …Attraversare….Attraversiamo? ( does remember remember the charming Italian teacher in the movie  Eat, Pray and Love?)
  1. You are allowed to use your hands—actually you MUST …a lot! In Italian, speaking without gestures is like writing without punctuation. Hands become commas, exclamation points and question marks. Who even needs words when a quick eyebrow raise translates into “Attenzione!” (“Watch out! Pay attention!”) and a straight line drawn in the air as “Perfetto!” The list is long…we have lessons all around the lovely Italian body language J.
  2. Italian has become more and more popular. With only an estimated 60 to 63 million native speakers (compared to a whopping 1.8 billion who claim at least a little English), Italian ranks fourth among the most studied languages—after English, Spanish and French, which Italian now rivals as a language of culture and refinement.
  3. If you are planning to buy a property in Italy, speaking and being able to read Italian can help you in so many ways. No need for costly translation services or paying external agencies to arrange your building work, and of course, speaking his language means you can keep tabs on the builder.
  4. Speaking Italian may be the closest many of us get to singing. What makes Italian so musical are its open vocali (vowels and its fierce double consonants . You can’t ignore the roaring RRRR in Carro,  Farro or the sinuous SSS in Asso,  Massa… An Italian “a” slides up from the throat into an ecstatic “aaaah.” Its “e” is pronounced like a hard English “a. The “i” (which sounds like an English “e”) glides with the glee of the double e in bee. The “o” is an English “o” on steroids. The “u” is deeper, stronger and longer than its English counterpart.
  5. There is no age limit to learn a new language. It is actually the best possible way our brain can defeat ageing of the nervous system. And with the Bella Lingua, you’re never too young—or too old—to learn Italian. It might take longer as we get older, but learning a second language later in life provides additional  advantages: with Italian , in particular,  it helps us remembering  passion, love for life, enthusiasm…in a few words, we  keep young  while fighting ageing of the nervous system.
  6. Italians. Meet them and , with all their faults and merits, you won’t be able to ignore  how nice and seriously naturally welcoming they are. Times might be tough nowadays, and social issues  might have changed what was a natural attitude, but Italian true soul is open and warm. You won’t ever feel uncomfortable when trying to speak in a broken Italian . They will appreciate your effort and admire for that ( as they usually struggle with  what is for them a mandatory task : learning English)

Finally, one last simple  reason … it’s fun. –

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