ITALIANO IN GELATERIA : No one wants to be unprepared in front of an inviting ice cream shop (GELATERIA) in Italy!

Chiara_Tuscany_caffe e gelato passeggiando

Gelato’s origins  are partly strictly linked to Tuscany and we really have a great list of BEST PLACES where to eat the most amazing GELATO in the region.

But how to ask for it?


VORREI UN GELATO  is I would like an ice cream, please.

CHE GUSTI? ( What flavour?) In Italy you don’t ask for scoops , rather for GUSTI : UN GUSTO, DUE / TRE GUSTI…or you state how much you want to spend.: VORREI UN GELATO DA 2 EURO / DA 3 EURO….

QUANTI GUSTI?How many flavors? CREME o FRUTTA? ( CREME being all the milk based types versus the fruit selection)

TRE GUSTI PER ME ( for myself) , DUE GUSTI PER LUI/LEI ( for him/her)

QUALI? ( Which one?)

Creme o Frutta?

Among CREME you’ll find IL GETTONATISSIMO CIOCCOLATO (colloquial way to say “ very popular, , from GETTONE –  token, previously used for payment with automatic machines, it has become a way of saying to indicate something very much in demand), LA NOCCIOLA – Hazelnut , an evergreen NELLA CLASSIFICA DEI GELATI .

We then have IL Verde ( green) PISTACCHIO – Pistache ( pronounced as Pistakio, always remember the hard sound of CHI- ki) and be suspicious of bright green colours as good Pistacchio surely is not emerald green, IL bianco (white) FIOR DI LATTE (milky flavour, close to Vanilla ), LA STRACCIATELLA ( vanilla with chocolate chips) LA CREMA – Custard , different from LA PANNA – Whipped Cream, generally added on top as  extra .

With the new generation of flavors you have to familiarize with many different CIOCCOLATO types: CIOCCOLATO ALL’ARANCIO ( orange flavoured chocolate) , ALLA CANNELLA ( with cinnamon) & AL PEPERONCINO ( with chilly-pepper) as well as the gentle MANDORLA – Almond or the acidulo YOGURT (sour yogurt)

For the FRUTTA Section you may have LA classica FRAGOLA –Strawberry, I FRUTTI DI BOSCO – Mixed Berries, l’intramontabile LIMONE (evergreen Lemon),  i moderni PESCA , ALBICOCCA ,  MELONE – Peach, Apricot, Melon.

Cono o Coppetta?

COSA PREFERITE ? – What do you prefer? CONO o COPPETTA?


Do you know that the cone, made of a  crispy wafer, is also an italian idea? read mora about it here .

Potete anche scegliere tra Gelato o GRANITA -You can also Choose beteween Ice Cream or “Italian ice”. La più famosa è la granita di Sicilia.    I gusti più popolari sono GRANITA All’ARANCIA, AL LIMONE, ALLA FRAGOLA, ALLA MANDORLA e AL CAFFE’

Whatever you choose enjoy  it!  GELATO ARTIGIANALE e Gelato INDUSTRIALE are worlds apart and if you have tried my Gelato Tour with Gelato Tasting you know what I mean! 😉

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