Le frittelle di Piazza del Campo

Le frittelle di Piazza del Campo : Le mie Madeleine  – After many years abroad, one tends to forget some important dates, some anniversaries…But as soon as I saw , the brown wooden kiosk ( il chiosco) for “frittelle di riso” ( rice fried balls) in its strategic location at the corner of  the square ( all’angolo della piazza) , all memories powerfully came back ! Scent of sugar and orange in the air…Spring is  definitely approaching! Profumo di zucchero ed arancia nell’aria…la primavera sta davvero avvicinandosi!

Frittelle by Agrodolce

I am a great expert in” food tasting” – assaggi – I would call myself a true professional , so you can trust me when I say that, after tasting many different “ frittelle”, I positively can say these one are really unique (sono davvero uniche)!

La storia della tradizione – Story and tradition

The recipe in Siena dates back to the beginning of 1900 and started in a little carpenters workshop ( la bottega di falegnami) in Piaggia San Giuseppe.  According to tradition they were called le frittelle di San Giuseppe” as they were prepared and shared among friends and families on March 19th, San Giuseppe day, later also called Father’s Day.

frittelle in piazza

I do not know when exactly form the carpenters place the frittellai” ( fried ball makers) moved to the kiosk in the” city’s leaving room “ ( il salotto della città ) , Piazza del Campo.  However, surely now,  the temporary Savelli’s family kiosk is the star of street food!

In Piazza del Campo, Siena

Usually open form February 1st until March 20th, I was taken by surprise this year when I saw “le frittelle” already in full operation already on January !  Guided by the unmistakable sugary scent and the long  people queue  ( la coda, almost a neat row for the special occasion!) I couldn’t resist and left with my crispy hot paper bag full of childhood memories ( ricordi di infanzia). Le frittelle di riso are my “Madeleine” ( Proust will forgive me)

It seems that the secret is in  leaving the mix to rest for a week before frying it. The result is irresistible ( irresistibile)

While searching for the recipe- ricetta ( out of pure curiosity , as I already know I won’t ever try to make them!), I have found what I think is the good one.   For those of you who are not as lucky as me  ( I can go for a stroll up to Piazza del Campo and easily add one Kilo or 2 in a single afternoon ) here it is! If you try it, please let me know ! Fatemi sapere!

The only thing I ask you in exchange is a bit of work with you dictionary!…I am giving you the recipe in Italian so…Good Luck and write me if you have questions!  ( on the Italian bit, not the recipe 😉 )

Ricetta delle frittelle in Italiano

Ingredienti: 500 gr di riso/olio extravergine di olive/ 300 gr di farina/scorza di un arancio/100 gr zuccherro vanigliato a velo/ sale

Bollire il riso in acqua salata per 1 ora e 20 minuti.

Lasciare l ‘impasto a riposare per una settimana in un recipiente coperto

Dopo l’attesa, togliere la crosta che si è formata in superficie, aggiungere farina , scorza di arancia grattata e amalgamare fino ad avere un crema.

Quando l’olio è bollente, versare cucchiaini dell’impasto . Pronte!

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